Healthy Food - Belgium



Guidelines of a healthy diet for teenagers


Summary of the questionnare

1.       Do you think you follow a sensible and health diet?

Half of the respondents  do not follow  the sensible and healthy diet (52%)

2.       Do you eat breakfast every day?

According to the graph a lot of the students do not eat breakfast (64%). This is rather high!

3.       Do you eat at least 3 meals a day?

Fortunately, most of the respondent eat  3 meals a day which is 69%.

4.       Do you eat sweets and fast food between meals?

Eating sweets and Fast food is very common among young people. More than 60% of the respondents answered „Yes” to this question.

5.       Do you drink 1.5 litre of water a day?

56 % of the respondents admited  that  they drink 1.5l of water a day which is a satisfactory result.

6.       Do you eat at least 3 portions of fruit and vegetables a day?

Eating  fruit and vegetables is not so popular among our students. It accounts for 59% of the respondents.  However, the school is doing an effort in order to increase this.

7.       Do you eat diary products In your diet which are the source of calcium?

58% of the students who took part in the survey very add diary products to their diets.

8.       Do you eat fish at least twice a week?

Fish is normally eaten one a week in Belgium, the percentage of 39% eating fish twice is rather high for Belgium.

9.       Do you try to limit the amount of sparking sweet drinks?


Drinking sweet sparking drinks is common among the students who took part in the survey. It accounts for 53%.

10.   Do you think twice before you buy the product In a shop?

The majoraty of the students do notreasonable shopping (59%)

11.   Do you read the ingredients which are on the label of the product?

More than 3/4 of the students is not reading the labels of the products

12.   Do you read the information concerning the nutritional values of the products?

Most of the respondents (77%) are not interested in what they eat.

13.   Do you try to eat low fat products than the fatty ones?

Aproximately more than half of the students (61%) does not choose low fat food which is a satisfactory result.

14.   Do you try to reduce the amount of sugar in your daily diet?

Only 38% of  the respondents try to reduce sugar in their daily diets.

15.   Do you add salt to your dishes?

Unfortunately, still 47% of the students add salt to their dishes.

16.   Do you prefer cooked dishes to fried ones?

Half of the respondents  prefer cooked meals to fried ones.

17.   Do you eat at least 2 eggs a week?

56% of the student eat at least 2 eggs a week.

18.   Do you control your weight regularly?


61% of the respondents do not control their weight regularly.


19.   Do you often eat out?

Half of the studens eat out.


20.   Do you often eat convenience food?


The major part of the respondents (70%) do not often eat convenience food.

To sum up our students try not very hard to follow a sensible and health diet. We try to make our students aware of the fact that living healthy is very important but we still have a lot to do.