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Interesting websites Language learning

  • Becult Learning platform
    • The Becult website is a web-based tool for cultural, linguistic and professional support of trainees in the hotel and catering sector leaving for a work experience abroad
  • Virtex project Exercices
    • The virtual experience project is to develop a series of language learning CD-Rom to allow hotel and catering students undertaking work placements to gain advance experience of using English and German as a foreign language
  • Eurocatering - language training
    • EuroCatering Language Training is the website for students, trainees or workers in the catering area. This Leonardo da Vinci Pilot project aims to improve language skills and competencies within work-linked vocational training in English, French, Spanish, Dutch, Norwegian, Slovenian, Irish and Galician.
  • Problem SOLVE
    • Are you interested in a work placement abroad? Problem SOLVE has the answers to your questions. PorblemSOLVE will offer you interactive dialogues and exercises,  cultural and specific information for Ireland, Germany, Sweden, Slovakia, Switzerland, Italy and Spain
  • Europass
    • Promoting Transparency of qualifications in Europe - CV in all European languages