IPSSAR “Michelangelo Buonarroti”



  • IPSSARMichelangelo Buonarroti” is a Vocational School of Hotel Management and Catering in Ceccano, Italy. Ceccano is a village, in the centre of Italy, about 70 km far from Rome. Our school continues the tradition of the well-known vocational school “Michelangelo Buonarroti” opened in Fiuggi in 1973. Our head seat is still in Fiuggi, while the branch seat in Ceccano is newly opened (in 2007) as a reply to the growing demand of professional formation in catering and tourism.

  • In the seat of Ceccano there are about 200 students (aged 14-18) grouped in 3 different educational profiles (Cooking, Restaurant and Bar Service, Hotel Management and Reception) and about 45 teachers.

  • Our school gives a great importance to Life-Long Education Projects that provide an opportunity where students and teachers can co-operate and keep in comparison with other european cultures. Our aim is to involve students in collaboration with other cultures in order to create a consciousness of the importance of being a European citizen.

  • From the first year the school runs training classes where students can develop their knowledge and ability in practical subjects.

  • The school also cooperates with gastronomy locals in our area, where students can use their knowledge in practical way over a period of 1 or 2 weeks.

  • Most of our students travel by bus or train from their villages to school. Most of their families have low financial income.

  • In our school we are trying to integrate students with special needs and boys/girls with poor material situation and coming from disorganised families. They are supported by qualified teachers and they are learning a craft, a way to have a normal life in society.