Technical School of Gastronomy and Trade



  • Technical School of Gastronomy and Trade in Bielsko-Biała is a Vocational School in the south of Poland. It was established in 1945.

  • There are 687 learners, aged 15-19 years old and 79 teachers

  • Our learners can choose the following subjects in our school like: Catering Technician, Food Technology and Household Technician, Trade Technician, a Waiter and a Cook.

  • The school runs training workshops where students can gain the knowledge of practical subject.

  • The school also cooperates with gastronomy locals in our area, where students can use the knowledge in practical way for about 4 weeks a year.

  • Most of our students come from villages. Their families are very big and their financial income is too low. Financial help which they receive from communes is not high enough. It hardly covers basic educational needs. Our students have not received any financial help from European Union to make educational chances equal

  • There are many so called ‘euro-orphan’ it means that one of the parents or sometimes both of them left the country to work abroad and their children stay in country and are looked after by their grandparents or older brothers or sisters. In such situation, they have also more duties to do at home and less time to learn.

  • Unemployment among our students’ parents ranges from 5 to 20 percent. Such results are caused by seasonal work.