The Vocational School of Archaeology



  • The Vocational School of Archaeology is located 60 km away from Oporto in the Northern Region of Portugal. Still, it is placed in a small village (although in ancient times it was a well-known Roman city), 3 km from the nearest town, Marco de Canaveses. It can be considered a rural environment.

  • The students that attend our school come from different places of the country, since this is the only school that offers training in Archaeology in Portugal. Most of them come from disadvantaged families (not only culturally, but also financially).

  • Furthermore, the other part of our students come from other small rural villages around Marco de Canaveses, facing great cultural disadvantages. Finally, some of our students come from Cape Verde with a clear economic disadvantage.

  • We believe, therefore, that this project could be a unique occasion to motivate students to learning and offer them the opportunity to broaden their horizons, being in contact with other cultures, travelling to a foreign country (most of them won't have that opportunity, at least, in the near future).

  • We believe that these projects favour their own perception as citizens of the world and also the recognition of the importance of the English Language as a survival tool.