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We are the  Vocational schools, which educate students in gastronomy , commerce  and tourism subjects. Our students are provided with general education and theoretical gastronomy knowledge.

The main thematic areas of the project are cuisine, culinary and nutritional customs of the participating countries, which give the particular “taste” that makes a country unique.

Our target is to try and find out, through the various activities and exchanges, these elements which  make us all citizens of a much wider “Home”, despite our differences.

Having in mind the wealth of our countries tradition, culture, diversity of national cuisine,  increase of culinary tasks, awareness of healthy lifestyle and closely connected nutrition habits which are  our in countries we have decided to create the project “Life is a meal”.

Life is like a meal, we take from it what is delicious, fresh, what looks nice but we also sometimes take what is spicy, stale or even bitter.

We have notice that in each human field we can find some equivalents related to the cuisine.

Cuisine is a traveling through different tastes and flavour. We want to set off on a journey and add some unknown smells of Poland, Turkey, Belgium, Portugal, Italy and Bulgaria.



  • We are the only schools of this kind in our towns and nearby towns and we need to draw models and cooperate with schools with the same gastronomy specializations in order to become better and better.

  • The best form of learning the profession is the mobility between schools which opens student’s minds and create better conditions to learn.

  • Meeting new people motivates students to present themselves as good as it is possible and to reaching new aims.

  • In our schools we teach students who don’t have any problems in learning but we also teach students who have some difficulties in learning. Creating the project we want to give both groups of students the same opportunities to take part in it and to form it adding to the project what is unique.

  • We want to equalize  educational opportunities of the youth from villages and cities through entrusting them the positions of the leaders of groups responsible for doing particular tasks connected with the project,

  • We would like to encourage and make students interested in new technologies: computer, internet;

  • Taking part in the project will overcome their shyness resulting from the situations, form the attitude of tolerance; students through contact with pupils from other countries learn how to be tolerant of different culture, customs, race, religion;

  • Students with specific skills in gastronomy subjects will have a chance to develop their talents through active participation in project’s task: preparing dishes, meeting with popular cooks and specialists;

  • Students with specific artistic skills will be able to expand their talent in by creating  paintings, galleries, guides in the project;

  • Students with specific language skills will have a chance to broaden their language by writing letters, e-mails, meeting, talking by phone or Internet with friends from different countries;

  • Vocational education and practical training in the field of gastronomy cannot take place without being familiar with the historical and cultural context, without getting to know European customs and traditions. We want our students to have a chance to meet people who will be able to tell them about their countries and lives.

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